Stefani and I posed a fun question to our listeners on election day this morning with some interesting results: Which Rocker do you think would make a good president and which rocker would be a good Vice-President and why?

Let me start off by saying many of my selections were nixed by Stefani due to a few minor technicalities like citizenship and other legal requirements that have to met in order to be president. Curse her for passing all her government classes and can you believe it, of all the morning cohost on the planet, I have to get the smartest.

Finally after learning the legalities of the election day process I came up with the perfect ticket to run. Alice Cooper as President and Joe Walsh as his running mate.

My reason is because of Alice Cooper's mad golf skills. Everyone knows that the best deals in the world are made during a round of golf right? So my thought is Alice could get some real stuff accomplished on the course with world leaders and those big corporate heads while Joe acted as the comic relief making him endearing enough to get some deals made that benefit the American public done. People skills man - they win every time.

I like this ticket and I approve of this choice.

Stefani went with a more logical and sensible choice. Combing rural and urban favored artist to make sure they get the win. John Mellencamp as President and Bon Jovi as VP. Mellencamp of course, would be favored by the rural farmers and Bon Jovi would bring a lot of the big city urban votes with that Jersey connection.  See, once again, her strategy is smarter.

Here are some other choices made by a few of our listeners:

Dave (from the RKR App) "Give me Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flea as his running mate".

Elaine Wilienga (from our Facebook page) went with a Ted Nugent/Kid Rock ticket.

Dale (from the RKR App) went with the Boss

Brian Johnston (from our Facebook page) Sammy Hagar/John Mellencamp

Melissa McNeeley (From Facebook page) Corey Taylor/Maria Brink

Andrew (From the RKR App) Ted Nugent for Prez / Kid Rock as VP
What about you? Which Rocker do you think would make a good president and which rocker would make a good VP?
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