This Holiday season I, Mark Frankhouse am bound and determined to hunt down and find a Yeti in the Upper Peninsula while on Christmas vacation. The idea is to explore the U.P. and at the same time provide proof that the Yeti isn't just a mythical creature in the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. But while I'm on the hunt for Yeti here in Michigan, our friends at  the Plainwell ACE Hardware are giving you the chance to go on a YETI hunt of your own, one that's a little less dangerous. That hunt will lead you to the Ultimate Yeti Survival Package, including a new YETI cooler and other prizes, valued at $700.

How It Works

Just after 8 am every weekday during the week of December 12th, Meatball & Mark will lead you on a Yeti Hunt to an article on the 1077 RKR App which will have your daily entry to win the Ultimate Yeti Hunt Survival Package.

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Then, Just after 8 am every weekday during Christmas week, Meatball will be checking in with me live in the U.P. looking for the Yeti, and will once again lead YOU on the hunt for your daily entry on The Rocker App.

Just after 8 am on December 30th, Meatball will announce the winner of all these sweet items...

What You'll Win

A $700 Value including:

  • $100 ACE Hardware Gift Card
  • YETI 45 Cooler (Valued at $325)
  • (4) YETI Tumblers (Valued at $100)
  • (2) YETI Water Bottles (Valued at $80)
  • 1 lb ACE Chocolate Bar
  • Jalapeno Venison & Duck Jerky Sticks
  • Black Rifle Ground Coffee
  • 6 pc. Torx Screwdriver Set
  • Special Sh*t Seasoning
  • HEAT ZONE Thermal Hat
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Hand Warmers
  • Mini Screwdriver Keychain
  • LED Light
  • MYCRO Headlamp & Cap Light
  • Chocolate Bar Stocking Stuffer

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