Rumors are swirling about Rob Zombie's next moves, and boy do we hope they're true. According to the Pulse of Radio (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), the musician and director is aiming for a March production date to begin shooting a sequel to his 2005 film The Devil's Rejects. The title is allegedly The Devil's Rejects 2: Three From Hell and should continue where the previous film left off.

Huge spoiler alert (though really, the movie came out over ten years ago so you have no excuse) but at the end of the first Devil's Rejects film, the three main characters die in a gunfight set to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird," in what is no doubt the best scene he's ever filmed. So the question of how the Firefly family would be resurrected would be left up in the air. It's a horror series with moments that verge on the fantastical, but it remains based in reality when it comes to the evil shown.

Nevertheless, a turn into the supernatural like this wouldn't be that out of left field. Other movies in Zombie's filmography definitely have aspects of the occult and the strange, so the evil the Fireflies show in the first two movies can just as easily be taken and used by some sort of presence. Hey, maybe they'll actually meet the devil. Who knows!

Bloody Disgusting reports that Zombie is negotiating with Saban Films and Lionsgate to release The Devil's Rejects 2 in theaters and on VOD and home video. His previous film 31 was released by both studios.

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