The former Tom's Donuts location on Michigan Avenue in Urbandale is set to reopen as Rock and Roll Donuts with the first day being Saturday, March 27.

Tom's has been closed since February 2018. Now a new, local donut maker is set to make a run in the plaza anchored by Family Fare.

According to a posting on the You Know You're From Battle Creek when... Facebook group:

Grand Opening Rock and Roll Doughnuts, in Urbandale, Saturday, March 27 from 5 am to 3 pm. Support the new local doughnut maker.

Work has been underway since Fall 2020 as noted on Facebook.

They are off to a great start by putting a beautiful new roof on it sure needed it,wondering when it will open looks like they are still working on the inside,hope they pave the parking lot very bad hoping for the best for them

The closing of Tom's, a small chain based in Angola, Indiana, left Battle Creek's Urbandale neighborhood without a donut shop. The building has a longstanding history as a donut shop, originally opening as Dawn's Donuts.

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