Michigan State Police troopers are investigating after a rock thrown from an I-94 overpass smashes a semi-truck window.

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A semitrailer driver going east on Interstate 94 in Calhoun County said a man shattered his window after throwing a rock onto the highway. Just as the semi driver was approaching the Capital Avenue overpass and pedestrian crossing bridge while heading eastbound on I-94, he observed two Black males wearing grey hoodies standing on the Capital Avenue overpass.

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As the semi-driver got to the overpass, he observed one of the males throw a rock. The rock shattered the window of the semi. Fortunately, Michigan State Police say the victim did not sustain any injuries from the incident.

The incident is being investigated by Michigan State Police as malicious destruction of property.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Michigan State Police Marshall Post at 269-558-0500.

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