Officials quickly identified the fast-moving fireball in the sky over Michigan early Wednesday morning.

Nearly 100 reports flooded into the American Meteor Society about a giant fireball falling to the earth around 12:43 in the morning on Wednesday, October 20th.  This unidentified falling object could be seen turning darkness into light from Tennessee to Michigan.  At least a dozen witnesses uploaded video footage of this firey object in the sky.  At the time, most assumed it was a meteor.

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Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics, identified the fireball as the Kosmos-2551 on Twitter later that morning.

A little over 24 hours before the fireball was spotted, that very same astronomer predicted this situation with amazing accuracy,

It now seems certain that Russia's recently launched Kosmos-2551 spy satellite is a failure - it has not adjusted its orbit since launch on Sep 9 and is expected to reenter tomorrow.

The 1,100-pound Russian spy satellite never appeared to be a danger to life on the surface of the earth.  As expected, the falling space junk burned up while passing through the atmosphere and was completely gone before reaching the ground.

The real story for me is the discovery of a fireball network.  The falling Kosmos-2551 also known as "Event 6746-2021" is documented in great detail on this website from the American Meteor Society.  You can find each report with its location, date, time, and sometimes pictures in videos.  In fact, there are 12 videos in multiple states showing different angles of this falling fireball in the sky.

This reminds me of the crazy story of a Michigan Man that was allegedly abducted by a UFO and dropped of in another state.  You can get that full story by clicking here.

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