I watched the three and a half hour, 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live last night.

It reminded me of a  typical episode of the show. There were some highlights and there were some low points.

Highlight's for me were, The Wayne's World sketch, Bill Murray as Nick the lounge singer, which was apart of a whole musical sketch tribute that was hosted by Martin Short.  Celebrity Jeopardy was also a standout for me on the show.

The low point of the show was the whole, "Californians" sketch, no clue why they would have that on the show. Though I did enjoy David Spade reprising his flight attendant character to wrap up that horrible sketch.

I was also disappointed in what Eddie Murphy did.  You would think with the whole build up for him by Chris Rock that he would of said more or actually participated in the show.

I enjoyed it but I was hoping it would of been more like the 25th anniversary show.   If the show last another 5 years maybe they can put it together like that show was.

What did you think of the special?