This year marks 100 years of Schuler's Restaurant in Marshall. Some may argue that it's the 110th year, but read on and decide for yourself.

Albert Schuler moved to Marshall from New York in the early 1900s. Once there, he landed some work at a local lunch counter and became interested in the customer service/food trade. After getting what he felt was enough experience, Albert opened up his own little lunch business in 1909, along Main Street.

This endeavor of his proved to be so successful, that in 1920, he bought an existing hotel on Main Street and named it "The Albert". This hotel had it's own dining room and this became the genesis of what we now know as Schuler's Restaurant.

By 1924, Albert was restless and wanted more. He sold the hotel and bought another, the Royal Hotel and Restaurant on the corner of Eagle & Green streets and called it "Schuler’s". He wanted still more - so he built a small bowling alley inside and the place became a mecca for travelers and locals, a great place to hang out, eat, drink, and bowl.

Albert's son Win joined the biz in 1934 and became full owner in 1936.

During World War II, injured military personnel who were laid up & recuperating in a Battle Creek hospital heard about this popular place with the strange name and eventually made the trek to Marshall just to visit Schuler's.

Being sort-of a central place for the Big Ten, many coaches would congregate here: George Perles, Bo Schembechler, Duffy Dougherty, and many others.

Hans Schuler, Win's son, took over in 1959 and in 2019, Sue Damron became owner.

So, happy 102nd Anniversary to Schuler's Restaurant...and next time you visit, make sure you leave Sue a message, telling her thanks for keeping the Schuler tradition alive & well. Why not visit this weekend?

Take a look at some photos below!



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Schuler's Restaurant

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