There's nothing like sharing the music you love with someone you love, and music fans will have a chance to do that, and perhaps even tie the knot in the process during the inaugural Honeymoon Rock Fest taking place March 18-20 at Oklahoma City's Remington Park. The bill is filled with late '90s / early 2000s rock favorites, including headliners Puddle of Mudd, Scott Stapp and Sugar Ray, but the number of weddings taking place over the music weekend certainly make this a unique festival experience.

“People are coming to Oklahoma from all over the country to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event,” says organizer Leia Sigler, a musician who initially created the festival as a celebration of her own marriage by offering couples the chance to get married onstage.

“Honeymoon Rock Fest is a music festival to celebrate love, and that’s exactly what people need right now," she adds. "The world today seems so divided, so this is our chance to bring people together and raise a glass to the things that unite us all - great music, romance, and lifetime devotion. This is a true original event. There’s never been another like this anywhere.”

The Friday (March 18) bill has Puddle of Mudd in the top spot, with radio rock favorites Fuel, Eve 6, Wheatus and Aranda along with Trailer Park Ninjas, 357, 9 Left Dead and Far Beyond Strange set to fill out the day.

Scott Stapp is on board to headline Saturday night (March 19), following sets from Saliva, Saving Abel, Powerman 5000, Tantric, Eyes Set to Kill, Kirra, The Normandys, The World Over and Silent Theory.

Sugar Ray get to finish out the weekend festivities, closing things out Sunday night (March 20) after sets from Candlebox, Everclear, The Nixons, Sister Hazel, Authority Zero, High Water Gamble, Katelyn Myers and Dom McClenny. And rock personality Matt Pinfield will be on hand to host the music weekend festivities.

“Candlebox is stoked to be sharing the stage with so many of our old friends and musical families in celebration of what some would say is the last great era of Rock n Roll,” says Candlebox's Kevin Martin. “Cannot wait, let the honeymoon begin!”

“I think it's great bringing love and music together for a weekend,” added Saliva's Bobby Amaru. “After all, music connects people on so many levels. I am missing human connection more and more. Especially after the past few years, so I’m definitely excited to get out and rock for love!”

Zac Maloy, lead singer from The Nixons, continued, “To have a musical event like this in The Nixons’ hometown is incredible. Old friends like Candlebox, Everclear and Sugar Ray, who we shared the stage with back in the proverbial ‘day’, along with artists I’ve written with like Saliva, Eve 6 and the ultimate rock star Scott Stapp. This is going to be epic!” Maloy also is one of the musicians ordained to officiate a wedding.

“Instead of going through all the expense and hassle of finding a chapel, booking a place for the reception, and burning through your life savings paying for a thousand odds-and-ends, we have everything you need right here - we’ll even provide the guests,” Sigler said. “Times are tough, and this is the perfect way to bring your family and friends together to enjoy great music and honor two people dedicating their lives to each other. All couples are welcome. After that, we will have the wildest wedding reception party ever. Come celebrate with people who love love!”

Tickets for the Honeymoon Rock Fest are currently on sale. Get ticketing info as well as information on the wedding options by visiting the festival website.

Honeymoon Rock Fest
Honeymoon Rock Fest

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