Let me start by saying I'm still waiting for the Portage Promise.  I have one more recent Portage Northern graduate so anytime!!!  At any rate the subject at hand is the Kalamazoo Promise which, for the most part, has been working much as intended.  A student must attend kindergarten through 12th grade.  So as far as we know, the only factor that would negate someone from taking advantage of this wonderful and rare opportunity would be grades.  Until now.

Zavonia Woodruff did just that with a couple bumps along the way.  Judge for yourself if you think she qualifies.  According to our friends at FOX 17, in 2016, her family became homeless for 3-6 months but she continued at Loy Norrix.  Then, the family moved into an apartment on Gull Rd and were told it was in Kalamazoo.  Turns out it was in Comstock but she continued at Loy Norrix and graduated with a 3.57 GPA.  Various circumstances are taken into consideration through appeal but she was denied.   I think she deserves the scholarship and from what we can tell she worked hard to get to this place.  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.




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