Dansville is a small village about 20 miles Southeast of Lansing, but is fabled to have a road which is incredibly haunted. Seven Gables Road has multiple stories as to why it's haunted, but the most scary of which has been documented over and over. The legend says there was once a house at the end of Seven Gables Road. The house was set to have a multi-gabled roof, and the occupant was a woman who was said to have practiced witchcraft. John Robinson describes the curse she may have left behind:

She must've been shunned and outcast by the community, for she laid a curse on the road, her house and the land she lived on. 25 years after she passed away, a family moved into the house. The father began acting strange, as if possessed by unseen evil forces or engulfed with madness. His insanity drove him to kill his entire family and then hanged each one from each gable on the house. He then set the house on fire and hung himself as well.

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Recently Michigan Haunted Experiences investigated the area, and had a very weird experience:

 We went past the gate.. we didn't hear a scream so we continued our journey into the most haunted area this state has to offer. Whenever we were near this gate, I (Kurt) felt this very heavy feeling. My girlfriend (Alisha) felt very nauseous every time we were near that gate. Her vision kept zooming in & out, like she was going to pass out.

Have you ever gone to this location, and if so have you had any strange feelings or experiences?


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