A southwest Michigan native appeared on ABC's Shark Tank last night (November 12, 2017) attempting to get a deal for his automated lawnmowing service, Robin.

The service, which is in several cities in Texas, is a partnership between Justin Crandall, who grew up in Dowagiac and Bart Lomont who is a native of Fort Wayne.

The Robin service uses robotic lawnmowers. However, the Sharks were not feeling the love. According to the News-Sentinel,

Unfortunately, the Sharks circling the waters – Daymond John, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec – couldn’t smell money. They believed it would take too long to recoup their investment because Robin continues to lose money.

Crandall, who has an MBA from Harvard, said that could stop at anytime if they quit buying assets. They started Robin two years ago as a standard lawn-care business and are hoping to move all customers over to the robotic service. They do about 10,000 jobs for $400,000 a month. However, they lost about $1 million last year.

How Robin Robotic Lawnmowing Works

This video shows how the Robin service works.

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