America can get creative with its vending machines once in a while, besides the typical snacks and beverages you'd find in one. There's the ice cream vending machine that uses a vacuum to lift the ice cream out of a freezer, AND (maybe my favorite) the pizza vending machine that will literally prepare a pizza, bake it, and serve it to you in just a few minutes.

But all of those can move over, as there's a new sheriff in town when it comes to extreme vending machines in America - an Ammo vending machine. Four states in the U.S. can already legally purchase ammunition via vending machines, so is it possible Ohio is next?

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Automatic firing weapons are mostly illegal in the United States, but there's nothing that says your ammunition can't be automatic. So, in four states - Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas, and Colorado - a company has begun installing automated "vending machines" for ammunition in area grocery stories.

Oklahoma was the first to install the machines, created by the company American Rounds, for ammo to be purchased without engaging with a store clerk.

The machines can be accessed 24/7, and according to American Rounds, you can "buy ammunition on your own schedule, free form the constraints of store hours and long lines."

The machines sit outside of the stores, similar how those Red Box DVD and Blu-Ray machines were installed, and have a large touch screen where patrons can pick their ammo, how much they need, and purchase it right there.

How Can It Keep From Selling to Underage People?

American Rounds says they can prevent underage individuals from purchasing ammunition illegally by using new AI technology on the machines. Once the person scans their card, the technology will use AI to scan their face as well, and verify the identity and age of each buyer.

The company claims this system ensures all transactions comply with federal and local regulations.

Will Ohio Be Getting These Machines?

American Rounds already has their machines in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Alabama, which all hold very strong beliefs in gun rights. Ohio is also a heavily conservative state that consistently votes in favor of gun rights, and against any additional gun regulations.

So, it's possible these machines could soon start to pop up at local convenience and grocery stories in the state.

What do you think? Are these going too far, or do you support having a machine that can distribute ammo 24/7?

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