It's been a wild month for Corey Harris, who was THROWN into the National spotlight for a very strange court appearance back in May, and sadly, kept feeling the repercussions from his initial decision to livestream into his court hearing for a suspended license... while driving.

Well, the story took a LOT of twists and turns, but it sounds like the specifics and all details have been cleared up, AS WELL as an update in Mr. Harris' life that would have alleviated this entire things... he's finally getting his license!

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Of course, by now, you're familiar with Corey Harris, who zoomed into his virtual court hearing about a suspended license while driving his car. (Still not sure how he owns a car without a license, but that's beside the point.)

The judge, Honorable Cedric Simpson, memorably chimed in while Mr. Harris logged in, "Mr. Harris, are you driving?" Well, unfortunately, he admitted to it while under oath in a virtual court hearing, and had to pay the price for his actions.

He spent two days in jail, and was probably NECK DEEP in paperwork. But it's how the story unfolded after that initial video went viral, that things got crazy.

Initially, it was determined that in fact, Mr. Harris had been given his right to drive in Michigan BACK after a similar case in Saginaw, however, the paperwork hadn't been properly filed, and he ended up back in court for the same charge.

But even before that, it turns out, not only was Mr. Harris' license suspended... but he had NEVER had one to begin with... EVER. Not in any state, or establishment he had ever lived in. Corey Harris had never possessed a driver's license in the United States of America.

He ended up spending even more time in court fighting the charges, and fighting to get his ability to drive in Michigan back, and it seems enough was enough, because Mr. Harris is FINALLY getting his driver's license.

A video posted by his lawyer, Dionne Webster-Cox, shows Harris walking into a government office earlier in the week, and walking out (with the assistance of a cane) with his driver's license.

"Congratulations, You Did It!" she said as Mr. Harris did a celebratory dance.

If only he'd take the time to do this.... oh.... 10 years ago.

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