Even before we consider this this shouldn't we finish the debate as to whether video gaming is actually a sport?  Or more specifically athletic?  We can all agree eSports require hand/eye coordination and a considerable amount of strategy but is it a sport or a skill?

In recent years, the eSports and Video Gaming have reached a level in popularity and ability to generate revenue that rivals many if not all of the major sports endeavors.  Not only are thousands of tournaments taking place but huge amounts of prize money is up for grabs, players have "major sport" recognition and big advertisers are sponsoring events and are paying players large endorsement dollars.  If it is a sport, should Michigan High Schools add it as a varsity sport?

According to an article from fox2detroit.com, tech companies are already investing in colleges and universities around the state and the country.  In fact, WMU is turning an auditorium into an eSports arena.  The MHSAA is seriously talking about it and it may only be  matter of time.  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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