The results are in from our poll on whether or not Michigan should legalize marijuana. Some lively discourse was had by all, and not surprisingly, you favored legalizing. By a lot. At the time this article was written:

  • 11% said "no"
  • 89% said "yes"

In regards to legalizing the plant for recreational use, but losing or not gaining employment due to failing a Whiz Quiz, listener Wesley H. had this to say:


Super unfortunate that cannibis stays in your system way longer than any other drug. Just because someone used it up to a month previous to a urine analysis doesn't mean they are high at work...  Just imagine you enjoyed the finest Tennessee whisky... weeks prior to getting injured or hired at a place of employment. If it was fat soluble instead of water soluble. It would show up a month past consumption. And I mean one sip!... The stigma will continue for a while. But will someday be long gone.

Diane F. was in the minority, saying:

Leads to other different drugs.

Ron I. posted:

Yes and tax the sh*t out of it.

Pete V. -

I just moved from Colorado. I don't see any problem with it. In fact two years ago I got extra money back on my state tax return because of the sale of marijuana. I believe they make over 100 million dollars a month in marijuana sales

I suppose we'll know the real results come November!

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