Now that the dreaded "W" word is gone we can enjoy the beauty of spring. But with the changing of the seasons comes different challenges that we have to team together to overcome. The city of Battle Creek in particular is asking its residents to offer a helping hand to the city by clearing sewer drains free of debris, to avoid flooding to help keep our water clean. Yesterday Battle Creek's official Facebook page made a post teaming with the Battle Creek Area Clean Water Partners:

Just by lending 1 minute of our time, or just cleaning up after ourselves, we can make our community nicer. The post was met with mixed emotions as some felt it's the communities job to do so, since we pay their salaries. Surprising, I know. It's apparently a real struggle to have nice things around here. Yet one person, Libby Bartsch, agrees that we can all do our part without putting up a fight about it:

I'll be keeping an eye out in Kalamazoo as well for drains cluttered with debris. It takes a few seconds to clear the drains and will help us all in the end.



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