After more than 35 years, Slayer are prepared to give up the road. The metal giants said they would embark on one more world tour, although the dates have yet to be announced.

"The end of days is near," reads the graphics on the above video. "Slayer to make its exit with one final world tour. Slayer's North American tour dates coming." The clip included tour posters and pictures of the band from throughout its long career.

Bassist and singer Tom Araya hinted at his desire to give up touring in 2016. "After 35 years, it's time to collect my pension," he told Loudwire. "This is a career move. Where's my pension? I'm grateful that we've f---ing been around for 35 years. That's a really long time. When we started off, everything was great, because you're young and invincible. And then there came a time where I became a family man, and I had a tough time flying back and forth. At the level we're at now, I can do that. I can fly home when I want to on days off and spend some time with my family, which is something I wasn't able to do when [my kids] were growing up. Now they're both older and mature. So now I take advantage of that. It just gets harder and harder to come back out on the road. 35 years is a long time."

But Araya also admitted that he still loves getting out in front of an audience and performing. “I like singing and just spitting that s--- out and convincing everybody that this guy is a f---ing maniac," he explained. "It’s like acting. You feel the lyrics and you show them with your facial expressions, your body expressions, your intensity — I love that s---.”

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