There's something about a slip'n slide in the summer that makes you forget all the crap in your life, and takes you back to younger, better times. My family only ever bought one of those commercialized ones with the pool at the end, which was fine... but seriously, the best slip'n slides are just a smooth tarp, a sprinkler, and maybe a little bit of soap.

It's a summer staple for sure, and for Jenison, Michigan, it's a yearly tradition that's returning after a two-year hiatus for the Pandemic.

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"Saturday Slip 'N Slide" will be back, Saturday, August 13th at Rosewood Park in Jenison from noon to 5pm.

The yearly tradition got started about 10 years ago by Steve and Shelley Frody. The slides are HUGE - about 150 feet long (WAY longer than the one my family  bought that one summer), and there's four of them. So getting a turn sliding down the hill is not an issue.

If you're bringing little ones with you, organizers are asking anyone under 18 have an adult with them. Though, I imagine most adults at this thing probably won't be acting their age anyway. Seriously, you could be a hardened body builder in your mid-50s... the second you start sliding down that hill, and if a long-winded "WEEEEEEEEEEEE..." doesn't come out of your mouth, then you're fully dead inside.

Also, side note, I grew up in Kansas... not a lot of hills to slide down, so as fast as I THOUGHT I was going as a kid, I'm REALLY excited to actually have some topography to up the ante!

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