Chunks of snow falling from on overpass destroyed the windshield of a car travelling at highway speed.

OK, "nearly killed" may be exaggerating, but not by much. Kevin Hoffer was driving on US 131 Monday morning after the first snowstorm of the season. Traffic was moving at about 45 mph and everything was fine until he reached the Michigan Ave. overpass.

This may sound like one of those middle school math story-problems, but follow me on this: as Kevin's car was heading North beneath the overpass, a Kalamazoo County plow truck was crossing the highway going East. The snow pushed aside by the plow was launched over the railing and crashed into the windshield with enough weight and force to break it. Watch as Kevin, after unleashing the F-bomb (can you blame him?) calmly steers the car to the side of the road avoiding what could have been a dangerous and deadly incident.

Hoffer says the dashboard of his vehicle was littered with shards of broken glass but he is unharmed. He is following up with the County to see if they will pay for the damage caused during the mishap.

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