The Yule Log Channel started airing on TV during the holidays in the 60s... here's an incredibly appropriate update for 2020.

AM/FM, an ad agency from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has released its own festive take on the crackling fireplace footage for 2020:  An hour-long YouTube video of a dumpster fire.

A managing partner with AM/FM, Karissa Anderson, tells CTV News Edmonton that each year during the holidays, the agency tries to do something fun and creative for their clients.  In brainstorming what would be relevant for 2020, she says,

"They came back with this dumpster fire idea and it made all of us laugh. We spent time thinking of all the stuff we wanted to burn, and what would be funny, and it became a great team-building moment as well as something that just put a smile on all of our faces. So we're like, 'Let's just do it.'"

The video depicts a custom-made dumpster burning in an alley. Anderson tells CTV News Edmonton her dad actually welded the four feet-by-three feet dumpster for them which had a grate for airflow. It was set up in a secure area with fire supervision before the team started filming.

While Christmas songs play, a man in plaid shirt hangs stockings and periodically tosses 2020 related items into the dumpster: There's the 1000 piece puzzle we never put together, the sourdough starter everyone was obsessed with for a hot minute, the luggage for all the trips we could not take in 2020, and of course, toilet paper.

Anderson says she hopes it gives people a laugh during this incredibly hard time: "I hope that they get the humor out of it and see a little light that this year is finally going to be over soon."

HECK. YES. Byeeeeeee 2020!

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