Well, we're about a month in to the era of legalized recreational marijuana.  As I chronicled leading up to election day, my greatest fear was the consumption of edible products that could result in a dangerous level of intoxication.  Simply smoking pot, unless extremely potent, should seldom lead to an extreme level of impairment... I hear.  So what have the statistics shown us thus far?

According to an article from wlns.com, law enforcement in the Lansing/Jackson area the number of motorists that have been found to have been driving high...is not high!  Of course, this is just one area but we can assume that it fulfills an objective requirement that represents many areas like it.  Jackson County sheriffs deputies said they only arrested 2 people for driving under the influence of drugs in the last month and only one of them was for marijuana.  The Ingham County Sheriff says it's too early to tell and wants to wait about 6 months to see what happens.  Hey, maybe most people are baking at home.  But mark my words about the edibles!!!


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