The Red Wings begin their 2019-2020 season tonight (10-5) in Nashville.  The teams odds for the Stanley Cup are once again projected near the bottom of the league.

According to M-Live,  the odds from Bet Online had the Wings at 66-1 on June 13th now they are 100-1 to win the cup.  The Red Wings over under point total for the year is 75 1/2 which is above Ottawa and the Kings.

The only team with worse odds for the cup is the Ottawa Senators who are currently 150-1.   The L.A. Kings and Anaheim Ducks are just above the Red Wings with 66-1 odds.

The team with the best odds is the Tampa Bay Lightning who are 6-1 and have a point total of 108 1/2.

A lot can happen in the league from now until June.  The Red Wings will not win the cup but lets hope they can improve through out the season and can be a fun team to watch.



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