The 2020 fishing season opens on April 1 in Michigan, but is it even allowed this year? It depends. Michigan Department of Natural Resources has the answers.

Get the gear together, you're going fishing. Unless you're not. Under Governor Whitmer's "stay home, stay safe" directive, is it permissible to dig up some worms and hit your favorite spot for some much-needed relaxation? The DNR says, "yes," with a caveat:

Right now, yes, fishing is permitted, and the 2020 season opens April 1. In fact, fishing is one outdoor activity that can be done with proper social distancing – just make sure to remain 6 feet away from people outside of your household and be respectful of others. Also, keep it local. Extensive travel is allowed only for essential needs. Limiting your travel helps keep you and others safe, while also reducing the spread of COVID-19.

-Michigan DNR

Charter fishing, however, is a different story as "Michigan Department of Natural Resources has determined that charter and fishing guide operations that involve boats, canoes and other marine vessels are not currently permitted." If you decide to go fishing (on land), it’s easy to get your 2020 license online at

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