Former Police drummer Stewart Copeland said he recently reunited with frontman Sting to record a conversation about their love of music.

The results of the two-hour conversation will appear in a BBC documentary that’s part of a project called What Is Music and Why?, scheduled to be released next year.

“It’s about cognition and the evolutionary purpose of music and why it has this profound effect on us,” Copeland told WENN (via “We knew we like music, but we don’t really appreciated how deeply ingrained this is and how much it controls us.”

He described music as “the only art form that can literally usurp motor control of our bodies." "Shakespeare and Rembrandt don’t do that," he said. "Sting does that! Most of his songs are love songs so beyond sex. It’s also romance and bonding.”

Copeland said the Police pair’s reunion involved a talk with "Sting for two hours, like we’ve never had before. We would argue about this particular song but not music in general. I’m talking to Patti Smith, Bobby McFerrin, Francis Ford Coppola and how he uses music in film.”

Noting that the documentary goes as far as exploring the science of music, Copeland noted that "your eyes give you information but the music tells you how to feel about it. … Music has this very important effect on us.”

Copeland’s 2006 documentary about life inside the Police is to be released on Blu-ray and digitally for the first time on May 31. Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out was assembled from the Super 8 footage he shot during the band’s rise to fame, complete with his lighthearted narration.

You can watch a trailer below.

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