A tentative agreement between the union and The Kellog Company has been reached, and soon workers in Battle Creek, Michigan, could be back on the job.

Kellogg workers' in Battle Creek walked off the job two months ago to fight for an increase in their wages and maintain their health benefits. When prices go up, and not workers' wages, something has to give so workers can take care of their families.

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WOOD reported a five-year deal has been struck that would increase wages for longtime employees by 3% while maintaining their health benefits. New employees will start out at lower wages with fewer health benefits but will see an increase after four years. Basically, a two-tiered wage system will be put in place. 

The new wage system still needs to be voted on so the union hopes to have a decision this Sunday that could end the strike that began October 5.

The four Battle Creek plants are not the only ones affected by the strike and agreement. There are three more plants in other parts of the United States also affected. If Sunday's vote passes, 1400 cereal plant workers will return to the job.

Job security is still up in the air with this new contract. Prior to the strike, Kelloggs said 212 Battle Creek jobs will be going away at the end of 2023 because the cereal portion of their business will be moving to other plants in other markets.

With the worker shortage that is going on in Michigan and across the country, workers for Kellogg's were put in a position to make new demands with their contract running out back in October.

Hopefully, these workers can get back on the job before the holidays. Two months off is a lot of catching up to do.

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