The son of Rhonda Stryker, whose family owns Stryker medical technology company in Kalamazoo, is accused of setting up hidden cameras to catch his nanny in the nude. 

According to WOOD, 38-year-old Michael Johnston was arrested for allegedly using spy cameras in his home to film their nanny and her friend in the nude. 

Johnston is the CEO of Chicago music venues, Lincoln Hall, and Schubas and music video company Audiotree.

Johnston's father, William Johnston, also has Michigan ties as he is a Western Michigan University board member and chair of the Greenleaf Trust wealth management firm. 

This all started when Johnston and his wife Kelly needed someone to house-sit at their Roscoe Village mansion. They gave the opportunity to two women who recently graduated from DePaul University. One of the women is the couple's nanny, discovered a hidden camera a year ago that was disguised as a photo frame. 

It's not uncommon for those who are wealthy to install cameras in their mansions for security reasons or to keep an eye on their kids. But that is much different than unauthorized videotaping. That is exactly what Johnston has been charged with.

WOOD reported the two women have hired attorney Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg who said, "They are always wondering if they are under surveillance, being watched. It's really been a violation of their trust as a member of society, just coming out of college and that was their first experience, certainly not a positive experience."

The two women had their attorney file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and sexual harassment. The two women are seeking nearly $100,000 in damages.

Since these allegations have become public, Johnston has been removed as president of Audiotree, Schubas, and Lincoln Hall.

Johnston has already appeared in court and was released on bond. The case is still being investigated. In the meantime, Johnston's attorney announced his client will continue to work through the legal process.

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