When it comes to our pets, we often love them like family, right? And while we want to give them the best care possible, there's no denying that vet bills tend to become expensive very quickly.

Searching for a reasonably priced veterinarian can be tedious, to be sure. And you wouldn't be alone in your search.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit page a user by the name of Equivalent_Diamond87 recently asked,

I just got a kitten and he needs his first round of shots and what not. I’m looking for a vet in Kzoo to do it that isn’t super expensive!! Pls help

And, as always, Kalamazoo locals were happy to help.

Since the original poster asked about their kitten specifically, a lot of these suggestions may lean towards prices associated with cat care. But, most likely, their prices will be reasonable for your dog as well. And, it should be said that these are just suggestions. Make sure to check with whichever vet you choose to see if their prices fit your budget.

With all of that being said, here are at least 4 reasonably priced vets in the Kalamazoo area:

1. Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic has been in practice since 1974 and was suggested by u/MrsBobber who said,

Sprinkle rd vet has always done right by us. Pricing is fair and we’ve never been pressured into anything unnecessary. They’ve even given us a discount when we had a litter dumped on our property.

The suggestion was seconded by a few others on the post. Their services offered cater to both dogs and cats and include things like diagnostics, dental care, and behavioral therapy. A few people suggested that they may not be taking new clients but, I've seen nothing to indicate that on either their website or Facebook page. But, it's always best to double-check. Find all of their information here.

2. Lakeview Animal Hosptial

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Located in Portage, the recommendation of Lakeview Animal Hospital comes from u/WTFisbehindyou who wrote,

We’ve loved Lakeview Animal Hospital for our cat. Far cheaper than (others) and the staff honestly seem to care. Minimal pressure for extra labs and stuff, especially with just routine care.

Lakeview's Animal Hospital's slogan is, "Compassionate care for Animals and their People." And, judging by their reviews on Facebook, which you can see here, they live up to that slogan. They offer services like wellness exams, surgeries, and geriatric care. As well, according to their website, they accept Care Credit too. Read more here.

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3. Oshtemo Animal Hospital 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Oshtemo Animal Hospital is actually a part of the VCA or the Veterinary Centers of America Inc. It was recommended by u/Latter_Sun_9039 who commented,

Try Oshtemo Animal Hospital they've always been fair to me

According to their Facebook page, VCA Oshtemo Animal Hospital has been servicing the Kalamazoo area for 40 years and they aim to treat every client like their family and every pet like they're their own. Glancing at their website, it looks like they offer a $20 off coupon for first-time clients. Find that coupon and all of their information here.

4. Mosel Animal Clinic 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

This clinic was recommended by u/somanystains who said,

I love Mosel Animal Clinic. Was taking my first cat to Pet Vet on Drake, but they were too busy for my new kitten right away. Mosel is a small practice, but super friendly and helpful staff.

This suggestion was also seconded by others commenting on the original post. Indeed, looking at photos on Google Maps, Mosel Animal Clinic is a tiny building. You'd almost miss it if you were driving past. But, that doesn't mean anything about their service. According to their website, they strive to provide the finest veterinary care in Kalamazoo and are dedicated to providing excellent, affordable care. You can read more about their services offered here and read their reviews, which are glowing, here.

Giving your pet great care is, obviously, a priority. But, if you're on a budget it can be stressful! Hopefully, the above suggestions can help lead you to the perfect vet for you and your pets.

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