As Survivor gets set to play live on the Kalamazoo Ribfest stage, let's look at the eightiest moments of Survivor's music videos from the golden age of MTV.

Musicians are not actors but they often had to play them on MTV. Many music video directors in the early days often quite literally plotted out the story of the songs lyrics. Here is a look at Survivor's most 80s music video moments.

"Eye of the Tiger"

Year: 1982

Album: Eye of the Tiger
Most 80s video moment: Pretty standard shots of the band stalking the streets as they head to their rehearsal space above the plumbing supply warehouse, then the slow-mo shot as keyboardist Jim Peterik throws back his mane of now inexplicably wet hair.

"I Can't Hold Back"

Year: 1984
Album: Vital Signs
Most 80s video moment: With the strike of a snare drum, the book store bibliophile transforms into a video vixen.

"The Search Is Over"

Year: 1985
Album: Vital Signs
Most 80s video moment: Trenchcoats and lingerie, bridges and tunnels, this one is full of paint-by-numbers imagery. The moment of the first meeting is pure 80s gold.

"High On You"

Year: 1985
Album: Vital Signs
Most 80s video moment: No budget? No problem. Just put the band under some naked light bulbs.

"Is This Love"

Year: 1986
Album: When seconds Count
Most 80s video moment:The half-dissolve. Singer Jimi Jamison and guitarist Frankie Sullivan share screen time.

See Survivor play all their 80s hits live on stage, August 4th at Kalamazoo Ribfest 2018.

Bonus Video: Grand Funk at Kalamazoo Ribfest 2017

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