Mastodon Shows Us How To Dress For The Grammys
One thing I wish would happen more at the Grammys is to see artist get a little creative in what they wear.  You will have the gowns and suits because well that's the usual.  I love it when some artist change it up and show up like the members of Mastodon did.
Ramone’s Rant: The Grammys
It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Grammys is a freaking joke.  They clearly reward artists who are popular, instead of the ones who are actually good and talented.  An artist could release the greatest record ever recorded, but if it wasn't played on the radio or sell ov…
Post Grammy Thoughts
I was trying to think of a good way to recap what happened at the Grammys yesterday.  I enjoyed some of the performances but being a fan of rock, the Grammys still have no clue on what to do with the genre.  This year they at least tried by having a rock award presented on the show as well…

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