Did You Know Kalamazoo Has Its Own Stay-At-Home Game Show?
Contestants comprised of improvised characters provided by members from four Kalamazoo improv teams answer questions ranging from "In Kalamazoo County's Village of Climax, the ______ harvester was invented," to "What is the name of the graduate of Kalamazoo Central High School Who Played for the New York Yankees?" Hilarity ensues.
Monthly All-Play Improv Jam at Crawlspace Theatre
Join them for their first ever All-Play Improv Jam the first Saturday of every month starting December 1st. Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to flex your improv muscles, or have always wanted to give improv a try, $5 is all it takes to get involved.
Crawlspace Eviction – New Space, New Shows, and Open Mics
Because Crawlspace is now operating their own performance space, they are increasing their season from eight weekends to nine, and, according to the press release, "Crawlspace Comedy Theatre will offer weekly performances, including open mic, stand-up comedy every Monday, twice monthly improv comedy by Crawlspace Eviction and other troupes, sketch comedy and more."
Why Improv is Like a Nightmare You Can’t Wake Up From
Every single actor since Thespis, himself, has let the stress of rehearsals enter their subconscious, manifesting in nightmares that we are all too happy to wake up from. From not knowing your lines, to a director declaring they're opening the show right now, to the whole cast suddenly deciding we're doing an entirely different play, these very real fears are somewhat quelled when our eyes pop ope

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