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Win Passes To Ant-Man & Trainwreck
This week on The Rocker Morning Show we're sending you to a couple of the most anticipated movies of the year: Ant-Man in IMAX starring Paul Rudd and Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer.
Paul Rudd Farts Through An Interview
Alright. Alright. Maybe Paul Rudd isn't farting during this interview.  Maybe it's the chair he's sitting in, as he explained.  But the one constant rule of comedy is "Fart = Funny," and that's what I'm going with.
Paul Rudd is Ant Man
If you haven't heard, Paul Rudd will play Marvel's Ant Man.  Ant Man will kick off Marvel's "phase 3."  Basically, each Marvel "phase" ends with an Avengers movie.
If you're not familiar with Ant Man, he's a scientist who invents …