6th Annual SIHOF Awards - Nominate an Innovator Now
The 6th annual Science Innovation Hall of Fame Awards combined with the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame recognize and encourage area high school students, educators, and individuals who have "innovated and excelled within, or shown exceptional support of, education in the areas of Science, Techn…
World's Longest-Running Experiement Buried in Michigan
One of the most important advancements in human evolution has been agriculture.  We no longer had a need to be nomadic and move seasonally to forage for food.  We realized that seeds + earth + water and sun will yield a crop.  Where you have sustainable crops, you have a city...
What Joy from Inside Out REALLY Looks Like
Hello, Friends!  A friend of mine (and former chiropractor) from Wisconsin posted this video on Facebook.  I was a little disturbed at first, not quite sure what I was looking at, but it was hypnotic.
I asked, "What is that?"
Friend: "It's happiness...

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