The DTE Energy Foundation Trail was already one of the best in the lower peninsula, now they've opened a fourth loop. Take a virtual ride now.

Mountain biking is not what it used to be. You know this if you've stopped by a bike shop and looked around. You can spend, literally, thousands of dollars on the new high-tech bikes with carbon fiber frames, hydraulic brakes, cushioned suspension, shocks and other essential components.

The trails have evolved too, from a path through a field, into the woods and over a few logs piled up as a makeshift jump to single-track flow trails custom-designed for an enjoyable, sustainable ride over varying terrain and obstacles for riders of varying skill levels.

The DTE Energy Foundation Trail, located in the Waterloo State Recreation Area, just East of Ann Arbor is stewarded by Michigan Department of Resources and they tell us "the first 5.2 mile loop of the trail at Green Lake was completed in June 2016. The second loop, on 'the Big Kame' was completed in May 2017. The third loop, 'Winn' was completed in August 2018. The fourth loop, 'Sugar' was completed in August 2019. Additional loops will be opening each year until 2020. Total trail mileage will proximate 20+ miles." This ongoing project has a budget of nearly a million dollars and bikers would contend this is money well spent. Take a look at the 360° video and see what a loop looks like, then load up the bike and hit the dirt.

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