I've only been on 2 Talons Out Honor Flights but I suspect that this past Saturday's mission was the most successful.  Some who heard or will hear the story of the November 2, 2019 flight might wonder why I would say that.  After all, the plane left late due to icing, there was a delay in getting wheelchairs at Reagan National (no fault of the Honor Flight Crew) and, most importantly, the Washington Nationals scheduled their World Series victory parade that afternoon.  The result of the last issue was no police escort.


I've mentioned how impressed we were at how flawlessly everything usually goes with Talons Out.  They're not only the most organized team I've ever seen, they always seem to think of everything and come up with surprises no one else would ever think of.  So on this day, when many of the odds were against them, they managed to defy those odds and execute a wonderful experience for the veterans of WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Lions Legends who joined us including Lomas Brown and Herman Moore who you see me interviewing at the Air Force Memorial.  This is why they are the best at what they do and I'm so proud to have been on that flight and feel humbled and privileged to be among those war heroes.  Thanks to Bobbie Bradley and all of the crew.  You can thank them too by donating your time and/or money at talonsouthonorflight.org

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