Many have solved Rubik's Cube over the years but how many  have set records.  Recently a Holland teen establish a world record for the Redi Cube.

According to the Holland Sentinel,  8th grader Ian Krueger from Holland set a world record for the average solve time for the Redi Cube.   The Redi Cube is describe as a Rubik's Cube but instead of turning at it's center, the Redi Cube turns from the corner.

He is part of a club that meets once a month and set the record at a competition that happened earlier this month.    Along with his record he also achieved the second fastest solve time in competition for the cube.

He wants to continue with the cube and hopes that someday it leads to getting more notice.  That way he can land sponsorships which would allow him to travel to more competitions.

Could he break his own record?   He may get the chance when his group plans to host another competition in December.

If you want to practice to see how you fast you can solve a Redi Cube, you can get your own online at Amazon.

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