Saturday, August 27th will be the 25th Anniversary of the release of Pearl Jam's, "Ten".  Not only one of the greatest albums of the 90's, but one of the greatest debuts of all time.

It is a hard choice to narrow down the album as I enjoy it as a whole, Here are my five favorites from this landmark album.



This is the song that got me hooked on the band.   I don't remember the first time I heard the song, but if I had to guess it would have been on the radio.   There were two things that stood out for me through out,  Eddie Vedder's vocal and Jeff Ament's bass.   Jeff is just a beast on this song and it is one of the highlights of the songs he wrote the music for in the bands career.    Being a long time fan of Pearl Jam, I have many other favorites in  their catalog that are go to songs for me.   Though, there will always be the first time I heard them and that would be "Jeremy".


Even Flow

Another one of the major singles from the band.   I believe like "Jeremy", "Even Flow" was one of the songs I heard on the radio.   With Eddie and Jeff being my favorite parts of "Jeremy",  "Even Flow" became my first real taste of Mike McCready.  I've learn to appreciate this song more in recent years due to the band tending to jam more on it when they perform it live.  A classic that I never get tired of.



This along with "Even Flow" are probably the two songs from this album that I hear the most and are never tired of.    Hearing it live with the crowd pumping their fist in the air is something to experience.



The song that wraps up the album.   This is one of those songs that along with "Even Flow", I've began to appreciate more after hearing it live.   I finally got to hear it live recently in Chicago.   Just one of those songs that fits the live setting.  It is also one of the best songs that wraps up a Pearl Jam album.  This is also one of my favorite openers when the band plays it on tour.



If there is a title for best ballad for Pearl Jam it is this song.   Very personal and emotional.   One of those song that still gets to me personally in a way after all these years.