Temple of The Dog have been in the news lately as there has been a court battle for the master tapes of the album.  Chris Cornell addressed his thoughts on the lawsuit here.   It just so happens to be one of my all time favorites and today it turns 24.

I owe this album to introducing me to the music of not only Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, but eventually Pearl Jam.  This album was recorded before Ten,  but I didn't become aware of that album until I heard, "Pushin' Forward Back" and "Hunger Strike" from this album.

There are some other great tracks on here including the first couple songs, "Reach Down" and "Say Hello To Heaven."   Both of these songs feature some of my favorite Mike McCready guitar solos.

Those songs also were the first two written in tribute to the late Andrew Wood, which brought this project together.

I am not surprised that the guys never did another album like this, as it was intended to be a tribute for a fallen friend and band member.  I hope that this ongoing law suit for the tapes is settled so we can see this album get  into the right hands.  Maybe we can get a nice remaster of it down the road.