I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to Ramone for all the great work he's done over the last 7 years on The Rocker. Normally, I would follow up with snide remarks and bad jokes. Not this time.

It has been my pleasure to work with Ramone and be reminded everyday why we love rock, radio and fans of both. He brought passion, commitment and, of course, talent to our ears for every show. I consider him a good friend and will miss him.

I often wondered what it was that inspired Ramone to create the wonderful world of Rock Radio. Was it his love of Punk Underground, 70's and 80's metal? Or the new trail being blazed by today's artists? It was none of those.

Mike McKelly/107.7 RKR
Mike McKelly/107.7 RKR

So, what was behind the passion? You need only to actually look behind Ramone in the above picture. That's right. The inspiration came from none other than Morrissey. Ramone insisted that his hero's picture be displayed for every single show. I think you'll agree, that says a lot about Ramone.

For those of you wondering, Ramone is the new talent agent for Wiser Productions. He'll be booking bands and DJs for various events, bars, clubs, weddings, and more. If you know him, this job is right up his alley!

However, while he's leaving his weekday show on The Rocker, you can catch him on 107.7 RKR Saturdays from 3 to 8 p.m. So, he's not entirely leaving us!

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