If your heading to the Lions-Bears game on Thanksgiving you will have the chance to enjoy traditional Thanksgiving food during the game.  

According to the Detroit Free Press,  fans will be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving Pizza which will feature turkey breast, cranberries and stuffing with turkey gravy.

Rather stick to a regular meal?  There will be a Turkey leg served with stuffing and cranberry sauce.    Those items will be available around Ford Field.

Other Thanksgiving items will be available at the premium club areas of Ford Field.

Hall of Legends will feature a traditional feast, Terrace club will have the same thing along with the Thanksgiving Pizza.

Miller Tap Room fans will get to enjoy a smoked turkey BBQ sandwich featuring a cranberry BBQ sauce.

If the Thanksgiving menu isn't your thing you can still enjoy the regular menus at Ford Field during the game.

If I had to choose I would probably do the turkey leg.   Would you try the Thanksgiving Pizza?


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