When I was growing up in Kenosha, WI there were 10 Catholic churches and each one had a grade school.  Every year each one of those combinations had their annual festival, in part, to raise money.  Along with the food and games for the kids there was gambling and beer.  We didn't think anything of it then but now we might have another opinion.  My point is, along with the obvious "wine" tie in, beer was a part of the tradition.

Today, however, you would be hard pressed to find beer in church.  Unless you traveled West on I-94 to New Buffalo where you'd find The Beer Church; or more specifically Beer Church Brewing Company.  This picture shows it's original presence but wait till you see what they've done with the place.  Beer Church is from the Civil War era built in 1836 and was "saved" from demolition and "converted" to its current state...of inebriation.  This place looks really cool and recently added a food menu.  Personally, I can't wait to check it out and hopefully "sing its praises".  Check out some pictures and get more information by clicking HERE.




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