As The Cubs were coming back to win the World Series,  a change took place at that other stadium on the southside of Chicago.   U.S. Cellular Field is no more.

According to the story from CBS Sports,    The ball park known as "The Cell" is now Guaranteed Rate Field.   If you are not familiar with the company, their logo features a large down pointing arrow.

As you could imagine not a great logo for a team that has been down over the past few years.   Yahoo Sports had a story on Monday that says the team actually put a request in to change the arrow to a picture of home plate. That request was denied so for now the name and logo stands.

I finally attended a game this past year at what was then U.S Cellular and from what I could tell the old name really didn't stand out.  I noticed it but it didn't really pop out like most stadium names do.   With the arrow this one would stand out more.

Do White Sox fans really care about the name of the field?  I don't remember hearing the complaints when they changed it from Comiskey Park.

Yeah it looks bad when your team is trending down and have that arrow.   Maybe now with the Cubs win and with the negative feelings towards the new name it will inspire the team to improve.  I guess we will see what happens.