Today is the 50th anniversary of the first day of Woodstock.  It happened 7 years before I was born but I remember the first time I heard about the historic festival.

My first taste of Woodstock would be from the original soundtrack to the film.   My mom had the record and I remember it being one of the many records in my parents collection that I would listen to.

The first song I remember hearing on the record was Joe Cocker, "With A Little Help From My Friends".   A great performance that has always been one of my favorites from the album.


I also remember my brother and I would always listen to the medley from Sly and the Family Stone as it featured the song, "Dance To The Music".  We would sing and dance to the intro of the song.  I doubt my brother would remember it now but he really was into that song.


As I got older, I would listen to more of the album and eventually listen to many of the artist that were featured on that original soundtrack album.  Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were other favorites from the album.

It has been years since I listen to many of the songs from the festival.  I was recently re-introduced to many of the recordings from Woodstock as I have heard tracks featured on the new,"Woodstock 50: Back to the Garden".

The set is a new 38 disc box set that features everything from the original festival.    There are some songs I have never heard and even some artists that I wasn't very familiar with who performed at the event.

I am glad this was released so music fans can go back and listen to the original performances.  I may have to pick up a copy of the 10 disc version of the new box set.







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