Kiss and their stage antics are pretty tame nowadays.  When I was young I remember being freaked out by an old Kiss video. 

For years I thought I was scared by a clip of "Kiss Meets The Phantom of The Park".  I doubt that was the clip because I would of been 2 years old when that aired originally.

The only video I can remember from my youth is for the song, "I Love It Loud".   Gene Simmons had some extreme close ups and it had a creepy shot at the end with the band and kids with glowing eyes.

My parents never listened to the band.  We didn't have MTV so the only way I could of seen the video would of either been with a friend or cousin.

I don't remember why it bothered me at the time but eventually I got over being scared by music and film.    Are there any older clips of artists that freaked you out as a kid?



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