I haven't watch that many horror movies in recent years mostly due to my wife not being a fan of them.  Though when we first got together, I somehow got her to watch one of my favorite horror films, "Suspiria".

For those that haven't heard of this film it is from 1977 directed by Italian horror icon Dario Argento.

It is one of those movies where the story isn't the most scariest of horror films but, it is very creepy due to the look of the film and the soundtrack.

The soundtrack by the Italian band, Goblin is one of the best horror scores ever.

The main theme along with the tracks, "Witch" and "Sighs" are songs that set the mood for the flick.  This is hands down the best work Goblin ever did. They have done a few other different scores for Argento over the years such as, "Deep Red" and "Phenomena".

This movie includes one of the best on screen murders ever and it happens very early in the film.  The main part of the story deals with witches and if you watch this film you also need to check out the movie, "Inferno" and "Mother Of Tears" as they are related to "Suspiria".  Neither are as good as "Suspiria", though they are worth a look if you enjoy foreign horror.

A cult classic that is one of my favorites.  Look for it if you are looking for a great film this Halloween.