Nate Thompson is literally living his dream. He recently announced his museum of Horror which has a permanent home in Downtown Monroe. But apparently, the city is a little concerned with the font used in his sign, as they gave him notice that effective immediately he had to change.

It's unclear as to why they're making him do this, but Thompson did provide an update that may salvage its integrity:

I appreciate all your support, I met with two good men today at City Hall. Both Mark and Loren of the Building Department have been more than helpful this evening and are helping me personally keep this sign as close to original as possible.
*The City of Monroe is making me change my store sign because of the style of the text. Since one of my favorite local artist Rob Roy worked so hard and absolutely nailed it, I at least wanted a picture to remember it and for all of you to see it. Keep an eye out for an updated sign in the future.
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Font > Littering

A lot of people in the comment section went OFF on this news, as they pointed out, the city seems more concerned about font than about keeping the sidewalks clean or power washed, to which Thompson replied:

I’ll be real with you I agree because I’ve been busting my ass personally sweeping all the cigarette butts out of the grooves of the sidewalk because it’s literally one of my biggest pet peeves. It bums me out because I just want to make things look nice.

Personally, I find this annoying, since the entire reason for opening a business is to succeed, and you'd think the city would want something that stands out to drive money into the local community.

Just another group of heavy metal haters if you ask me. We'll have to wait and see what the new font looks like.

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