For people who get a little squeamish about the paranormal, get ready to be creeped out even more as we talk about Michigan’s very own Horror Museum. The museum was started by Nate Thompson over the pandemic and officially opened in Monroe, Michigan last year in 2022.

The Michigan Museum of Horror resides inside a historic building featuring real skulls Ouija boards, coffins, and more macabre items, for the strange and unusual to enjoy. Along with the recently announced independent film that he released called "People of the Dead," Nate has also made some big announcements lately for the museum.
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Not only will the museum be offering lantern-lit, haunted walking tours, but on June 17 from 9 p.m. until midnight they’ll be searching for Isabella, the lady in white that is said to haunt the museum. As announced on their Facebook page, they’re going to be teaming up with local paranormal experts on their ghost hunt.
Ghost Hunting at The Michigan Museum of Horror returns on June 17th, 2023. Join us, and our friends at Erie Shores Paranormal, as we hunt for spirits with Real Human Skulls, Haunted Ouija Boards, and more.

Ticket Info

Tickets for the ghost hunt run about $45 and can be purchased here. The museum, located at 44 S Monroe St, was almost destined to end up at that location, as Nate recently discovered the origins of the building after doing some research at the local history museum archives:

I guess you can say it was a surprise when I saw that in 1890, this building used to be Rupp’s Undertaker and Funeral Furniture Store. A place that made Coffins, Embalming Tables, and more. How fitting that 130 years later this is a museum of Horror displaying those exact types of items. I guess you can say it’s fate.

The Michigan Chillers Book Series

In All, Author Jonathan Rand wrote 20 young adult chilling novels about Michigan Cities, very similar to the Goosebumps books written by R.L. Stine. But these are all very specific to our very own state.

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