Pearl Jam will return to the road this year.  Once again they will not be in Michigan with the closest date scheduled in Canada.  Remember the 2006 show in Grand Rapids?

It is surprising that they haven't made it back to Michigan.  It is probably due to do the  shows they performed at Wrigley Field in 2016 and 2018.

The only other show they've played in Michigan besides the Grand Rapids and Auburn Hills shows in 2006, is a show at the Joe Louis Arena in 2014.

The show in Grand Rapids was a classic from the band.  It began with an Eddie Vedder solo pre-set before the band, My Morning Jacket.  He performed the song, "Dead Man" and in honor of Pete Townsend (on what was his birthday), "I Can't Explain".

You knew the show would be a special one when the moment the show opened with "Elderly Woman" Pearl Jam and the crowd were in sync.   Pearl Jam were on tour for their "Self Titled" album also known as "Avocado".

Many of the songs from that album were played along with a few favorites like "Given To Fly" and "Daughter".   They also performed an acoustic first encore set that featured the rarities, "Hard To Imagine" and "Around The Bend".  The set finished with a memorable cover of the song, "Crazy Mary".

A killer second encore followed that included rockers "Do The Evolution" and "Blood". The show finished with their usual closer, "Yellow Ledbetter".

I was lucky enough to be at this show.  This was the first time I ever got the chance to see Pearl Jam live.   I hope someday we will get to see them again in Grand Rapids or at least in Michigan.

You can check out the full setlist for the 2006 Grand Rapids show here.

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