My wife Karla and I were walking the dog last night (No. That's not a euphemism for something) and we turned down Marlow South of Haverhill Elementary.  As we got about half way down the block we see what looks like a big mailbox but not in the usual mailbox location.  It was in a front yard and as we approached we realized it was a cabinet with books inside.

Upon further investigation, we realized it was a little library for the neighborhood kids to simply take a book for some summer reading.  I half to say that, in this day and age of phones and tablets and YouTube, this was a pretty cool thing; at least from our point of view.  But more than that, we thought how cool it is for this particular neighbor to offer something like this to the kids.  Now a lot of people might say that this is somewhat antiquated and today's kids will have nothing to do with something like this.  I say well done to one of our neighbors and hope that other ideas like this continue in our neighborhoods.