This particular subject might seem frivolous to most but to me it restores my faith that some of the wonders of nature can adapt and overcome.  I can't tell you how many times every single Spring and Summer I tell a family member that when I was a kid there were butterflies everywhere.  Of course, there were a lot more open fields back then but it seemed as though they all but disappeared because of the air pollution; especially the Monarch.

I can remember just about every year between 1968 to 1976 the bushes were full of Monarchs and we'd try and catch as many as we could and keep them alive before setting them free.  Now many years later it saddens me to rarely see even one all Summer.  However, this year I've actually seem more and more as if they're making a comeback and it makes me feel like a kid again when I do.

Now, according to our friends at, we can experience an actual migration as we used to see years and years ago.  Click HERE to get details on when and where to see one of the coolest occurrences in nature.

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